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  • Maguro £13

    Maguro. Seasonal small cubed tuna tartare served with avocado and quail eggs

  • Salmon tartare with crushed avocado £12

    Salmon tartare with crushed avocado, pickled red onion, ponzu, micro herb, crispy shallots

Sushi Rolls (8pcs)

  • Salmon and Avocado rolls £16

    Salmon, avocado topped with salmon, radish and micro leaves, tobiko, cream cheese

  • Tuna sashimi (100g) £15
  • Salmon sashimi (100g) £12
  • Rainbow roll £20

    Marinated yellow tail, salmon, tuna, avocado, asparagus and mango

  • Spicey Tuna roll £18

    Seasoned cooked tuna, avocado, tempura flakes , topped with raw tuna

  • Prawn katsu and avocado roll £15

    Prawn katsu, avocado, cucumber and katsu topped with salmon roe.

  • Saba sushi £13.5

    Cured and marinaded mackerel placed on top of sushi rice served with shiso leaf

Nigiri 4pcs

  • Tuna £12
  • Salmon £9
  • Yellow Tail £13

Kids rolls 6pcs

  • Cucumber roll £8
  • Avocado roll £9

Mixed Sushi Platter

  • Mixed Sushi Platter £45

    Selection of all 3 Sashimi, Selection of all 3 Nigiri and your choice of roll (Rainbow roll not included)

Poke Bowls

(Served with sushi rice, salad, avocado, edamame bean, cucumber, sesame dressing

  • Salmon £16
  • Tuna £18
  • Tofu (vegan) £14

Japanese Tapas Snacks

  • Grilled pedron peppers £6

    Grilled pedron peppers , black salt, toasted sesame seeds

  • Edamame bean pods £6

    Edamame bean pods, rock salt

Japanese Tapas

Small plates of tasting dishes, recommended 3-4 per person
Please note for our Japanese Tapas Dishes ONLY , the meat used is kosher

  • Miso aubergine £12

    Miso aubergine with miso sauce, crispy shallots, spring onion oil and micro leaves (Hot)

  • Five spiced roasted cauliflower £14

    Five spiced roasted cauliflower, mixed sesame, toasted peanuts, spring onion, herb oil and radish (Hot)

  • Crispy duck salad £16

    Crispy duck salad, pomelo, cucumber, soft herb salad, yuzu vinaigrette, crushed peanuts (Hot)

  • Korean Chicken Bao Buns £14

    Korean chicken bao buns with Japanese pickles, sesame, hot BBQ sauce (hot)Korean chicken bao buns with Japanese pickles, sesame, hot BBQ sauce (Hot)

  • Beef Tenderloin Tataki £18

    Beef Tenderloin Tataki with ponzu

  • Grilled Teriyaki Chicken £14

    Grilled teriyaki chicken, crispy shallots, carpaccio of radish, toasted sesame seeds (Hot)

  • Crispy vegetable gyoza £9

    Crispy vegetable gyoza, ponzu dressing

  • Spicey devilled tofu £10

    Spicey devilled tofu, smoked paprika, coriander, lime

  • Grilled tiger prawns £16

    Grilled tiger prawns, lime coriander salsa (Hot)

  • Crispy fried calamari £11

    Crispy fried calamari, yuzu chilli dressing (Hot)

  • Blackened cod tacos £12

    Blackened cod tacos with mango salsa

  • Lime coconut cured sea bass £15

    Lime coconut cured sea bass , noodles, carpaccio of radish

  • Grilled BBQ lamb skewers £12

    Grilled BBQ lamb skewers, spring onion, toasted sesame seeds

  • Crispy potatoes £14

    Crispy potatoes, avocado , Tuna tartar, carpaccio of radish

  • Salmon sashimi salad £13

    Salmon sashimi salad, Matsuhisa Dressing

  • Crispy rice £13

    Crispy rice, salmon tartar, pickled silver skin onion

  • Wague beef gyoza £15

    Wague beef gyoza, tonkatsu sauce


All items from the grill will be served with your choice of a sauce


  • Grilled miso duck breast £24

    Grilled miso duck breast, miso sweet potato puree , rock salt

  • Japanese braised beef curry £20

    Japanese braised beef curry, fragrance rice

  • Grilled shizo marinated chicken £22

    Grilled shizo marinated chicken breast skewers ,shizo pesto

  • Grilled ribeye (10 oz) £24

    Grilled ribeye, lemon butter | Additional Jumbo prawns +£8

  • Miso lamb cutlet £29

    Miso lamb cutlet, grilled broccoli, toasted sesame seeds

  • Tomahawk steak (850g) ( For Two ) £45


  • Grilled Teriyaki salmon (7 oz) £19

    Grilled Teriyaki salmon (7 oz), mixed leaf salad

  • Grilled blackened cod (7oz) £21

    Grilled Teriyaki salmon (7 oz), mixed leaf salad

  • BBQ wild trout £20

    BBQ wild trout, lemon parsely marinated, wrapped in banana leaves, mixed leaves

  • Grilled Octopus £26

    Grilled Octopus , smoked paprika, lemon oil, confit cherry plum tomatoes, roasted garlic

  • Grilled lobster linguine £35

    Grilled lobster linguine, caper butter, lobster bisque, prawns, cherry tomatoes , mussels

Extra sauce

  • Red wine jus
  • Chilli miso sauce
  • Chimichurri


  • Coconut rice £5
  • Seasoned broccoli £6
  • Japanese pickled cucumber salad £6
  • Grilled and seasoned bok choy £6
  • Ponzu vegetable noodles £5
  • Triple cooked chunky chips £5
  • Creamy Potato Mash (D) £6


  • Fish goujons £10
  • Katsu chicken £10
  • Katsu tofu, Plain noodles £8


  • White Chocolate Apple £10

    White Chocolate Apple, Sour Apple Compote

  • Szarka Denes £8

    Szarka Denes, Tokaji Cuvée, 2019 Hungary

  • Warm Dark Chocolate Brownie £8

    Warm Dark Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

  • Alves De Sousa £8

    Alves De Sousa, Tawny Special Reserve, Duoro, Portugal

  • Dark Chocolate Mousse £8
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding £8

    Sticky Toffee Pudding, Miso Caramel Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream (G/D)

  • Vanilla Cream Brûlée (D) £8
  • Cheese & Crackers £10

    Cheese & Crackers, Chutney, Grapes (D) (Stilton Blue Cheese, Goat Cheese, Mature Cheddar)

Tea and Coffee

  • French Press £3
  • French Press Decaff £3
  • French Coffee £3
  • English Breakfast £3
  • Green Tea £3
  • Earl Grey £3
  • Mint Tea £3
  • Special Tea £3
  • Espresso £3
  • Cappuccino £4.5
  • Latte £4.5
  • Special Coffee £5
  • Hot Chocolate £5

To ensure all guests have an exceptional dining experience, please be advised that reservations are limited to a two-hour dining period until 9 pm. We invite guests to stay longer for reservations made after 9 pm. Thank you for your understanding.